What’s happenin’ Baby Boomers!

Wow, I just read an article stating that we are the “Unhealthiest Generation”. That we are sicker and more impaired, meaning more of us use canes to walk and need help just doing daily activities, than our parents’ generation. Even though we are less likely to smoke and most of us have not had a heart attack, yet, we are more apt to be obese, have high cholesterol and diabetes. Why? Because 52% of us never exercise! Furthermore, we don’t eat healthy and many products we use daily to clean our homes, ourselves, and our pets, maintain our yards and vehicles although convenient, are toxic to us and the Earth. In addition, we allow doctors to prescribe medications with multiple side effects to “control” health concerns that can be controlled via natural substances and foods.

We are the generation that changed the world. So why have we given up now? Sure we will all die one day, but why not live strong and healthy until then?

With this blog, I offer suggestions, introduce some new, and even old yet forgotten, concepts and practices in hopes of inspiring the “Rebel” inside of all of us to make small changes to help us all live “Stronger, Longer”

Until next time, Peace!


Child of the '70's - passionate about natural health for people and pets, Baby Boomer health, herbs and oils, green living, vegetarian, treehugger.