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30 Toxic Products Everyone Uses


On You

Facial creams – anti-aging, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle

Facial cleansers

Body wash – soap

Shampoo and conditioner


Deodorant, antiperspirant


Perfume or cologne

Lip stick

Cosmetics like mascara, eye shadow, foundation

Hand sanitizer

Baby lotion, shampoo and powder

In Your Home


Spray air fresheners

Carpet freshener

Carpet cleaner

Window/glass cleaner

Toilet bowel cleaner

All-purpose household cleaner

Laundry soap

Dish soap, liquid and machine

Dryer sheets


Furniture polish

Non-stick cookware

Drain cleaner

Bug sprays

In your car

Little Trees – air freshener

In Your Yard and Garage


Mosquito repellent

Weed & grass killer

On You Pets

Flea and tick killer

Pet Shampoo


So why are these things toxic? We’ve been using them for years.

Cancer in ourselves and our pets has become epidemic. The American Cancer Society states that 1 in 2 men, and 1 in 3 women will get cancer in their lifetime. Not good odds. In addition, our pets, dogs are said to have 1 in 2 odds. Our prolonged daily exposure to toxins seem to be the catalyst. Dr. Samuel Epstein MD says, nearly every personal care product we use contain 5 (major) categories of toxic ingredients.

  • Frank carcinogens (cancer causing)
  • Precursors of hidden carcinogens
  • Endocrine/hormone disruptors
  • Penetration enhancers
  • Allergens

Our skin is our largest organ. It is our first line protective barrier, yet is highly penetrable.  Anything applied to the skin is absorbed into the blood stream and distributed throughout every part the body, staying in the body longer than oral or inhaled toxins.


If prolonged exposure seems to be the cause, why do children and babies get cancer?

Mom’s blood circulates to the fetus in the womb via the umbilical cord exposing baby even before birth. In fact, tests by The Environmental Working Group, found 287 industrial chemicals in the blood of umbilical cords of newborns.


Children born to women who held cleaning jobs while pregnant had elevated risk of birth defects. (2010 study by the New York State Health Dept.).

Just like adults, in the past 30 years childhood cancers have risen by 40%. In that same amount of time a huge array of adult, children and baby products have exploded in to the market.

Dr Samuel Epstein MD, Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition,says babies are 100 times more sensitive to carcinogens than adults because their liver enzymes are immature.

Toxic chemicals of particular concern

Hormonal phthalates and synthetic “aroma boosters” which strongly intensify “organic” fragrances. Fragrance chemicals, complex chemical mixtures used to scent air fresheners, cleaners, personal care products, and other consumer goods are considered among the top 5 allergens in the world.

Endocrine disruptors interfere with the bodies endocrine system and adversely affects,

  • Developmental, reproductive, and immune system in humans, pets and wildlife.
  • Increases thyroid hormone production.
  • Alters hormonal functions, meaning it mimics estrogen, (largely female) and androgen, (largely male) hormones.
  • Binds to hormone receptors and blocks natural hormone from binding so the normal signal fails to occur and the body fails to respond properly.

Have you noticed how some young men and women kind of have the same build? Girls have thicker waists and boy’s bigger hips?

Allergens; benzyl alcohol and lanolin.

Carcinogens; laureths, dioxane, ethaline oxide, formaldehyde, and Quarternium-15

Penetration enhancers; Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and EDTA.

So what are we to do?

READ LABELS. If you can’t pronounce it, it probably shouldn’t go on or in you, your children, and pet’s bodies, or down the drain where toxins flow to streams and lakes and pollute wildlife drinking water and ground water where plant life, (our food) grows.

The fewer ingredients, the better.

Look for natural products to replace the ones you use every day. I found a company that allows me to replace just about everything I use. Plus I get them at a discount. Want to know how you can too? Contact me here







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